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GLS is a self-explanatory brand that represents the turned stone poised to conquer the globe. My College days are unforgettable and in fact those days are the happiest and most lucrative days of my life. Achievements-applauds, opportunities-thoughts, this is what I have gained from GLS. The updated and competitive syllabus as always kept me one step ahead of all the others who were pursuing the same.

-Akshat Suroliya Data Scientist, DSMATICS

My time at GLS were my foundational years in Computer Science. Professors at GLS always urged us to look beyond the textbooks and syllabus, write code, experiment, explore different ways of doing things. We were always pushed to build real things rather than just "code that algorithm". Thanks to this approach, in my post-grad and at my first job, I was one of very few who have written the most amount of code in their life

-Bhoomit Vasani Sr. Software Engineer, Alexa AI

Being a student at GLS, I found myself. I got complete guidelines and the best mentoring. All the doubts got solved by the faculties or more I can say, friendly faculties. I have always been a curious student and was always ready to explore new horizons. And during my journey at GLS faculties have always supported me.

- Falguni Sharma Assistant Manager-Business Development, iView Labs Pvt. Ltd.

I belong to 2014-17 batch of GLSBCA. This college has given me so many wonderful memories that I would want to relive even now. The faculty members,my educators and their teaching have helped me even now after leaving this college. GLS provides you an environment to work towards your goals. Being part of GLS family was a wonderful experience.

-Devika Pathak Test Engineer, Infosys Ltd.

GLS has been truly a career shaping part of my life. All the support that I sought was provided to me by the very supportive faculties and I could also get the exposure of new tools and technologies demanded by the market. Such nurturing helped to achieve my career goals.

- Niyomi Rabdu Programmer Analyst (QA & E), Cognizant

I entered as a newbie but GLS prepared me for real IT world through excellent curriculum. The daily lab sessions helped me understand how the real world applications work and how to develop them on my own, thanks to this program I understand the fundamentals as well as advance concepts of IT.

- Vishnu Pillai Devops Engineer, Abjayon Inc.

I distinctly recall my first day at GLS. It was an obvious choice because of its location and class schedule, allowing my career with my under graduate program. The diverse course offering allowed me to focus my education on areas that were useful and interesting. The professors really focus on real-world case scenarios and getting you ready for certifications, that turned out as an excellent journey of my career. On top of an outstanding education, GLS fostered innovation outside of the classroom, providing me with the resources and flexibility to experiment with new ideas.

- Jay Soni (Network Administrator, IT Tec Solutions)

The new and better strides in my career owes gratitude to GLS. Studying here laid in me strong foundations of technological concepts and logical thinking capabilities that have helped me in my professional life. The guidance and counselling from faculties helped to get clarity about what to choose and why. It’s a matter of pride and honour to be an alumni of an institute with great legacy and strong educational insight.

- Nidhi Mehta (Principal QA, Calsoftinc)

My experience at GLS was great. It was a place where I practised never ending learning and exploring. There has always been enduring support from faculties throughout my degree phase as well as now. GLS was an experience where we studied and also learnt, explored, implemented life changing skills, ideas and techniques. More than just a college it became my family.

- Rutvik Panchal (Software Professional, TCS)

GLS inspired me to achieve a level higher than I thought. I have discovered a passion for learning & exploring, for asking questions that weren’t even on my radar three years ago. College prepared me for a career as well as life outside of my career. College has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice.

- Jaimin Gajjar(CEO, JOE Solutions)

My experience at GLSICA was extremely wonderful, especially in the area of Software Development. Practical examples and cases, which were discussed in the class, are helping me a lot in the Industry. It has made me more disciplined & helped me to grow not only professionally but also holistically. The faculty has always been supportive and inspiring guides, and also challenging taskmasters.

- Nirzari Parikh (Technical Data Analyst, Accrease Aps, Denmark)

GLS, the name is nostalgia! Go and ask any “GLSian” and you will understand that GLS is not just a college, it’s a feeling. It marked the beginning of the journey that we are upon right now. All of my colleagues are champion of their field and it might not be limited to IT. GLSICA taught us the value of friendship, integrity, honour and most importantly sustainability. We are still close to our professors and we still reminisce the days we spent here.

- Ekta Vashisth

A students’ career is very similar to a new born baby. It has to be moulded and nurtured properly to have a constant growth. With updations in technology on daily basis, it becomes very difficult to sustain in the IT industry. At GLS, the course curriculum is at par with the industry standards and gets updated with new and upcoming technologies so by the time the student completes his/her college education would be well versed with the current technologies.

- Vishwanathan Iyer

GLS institute emerged my true ability. They gave me perfect freedom for focusing on niche subject. Always helping and flexible faculties’ sparkled great confidence in me. I remember how faculties solved my doubts on project for hours, revamped my presentation. They set habit in me to think out of the box.

- Manthan Thakkar



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